Thursday, November 4, 2010

Runmeter 4.0 for iPhone

I've used a number of GPS apps for the iPhone including MapMy***, RunKeeper, Nike+, 321Run and miCoach. Runmeter 4.0 has the best set of features, it doesn't lose its signal often and it's not difficult to use. I really like that the data is stored on the phone so I don't have to go online to see how I've performed in the past. Because I can save routes, the app allows me to pace myself real-time. I used this feature quite a bit when I trained for my last half marathon and I was able to improve my half PR by 6 minutes. One feature I truly appreciate is the Stop Detection feature which automatically stops the timer when I stop running at a busy intersection (I live in a high-traffic area!)

The one missing feature is training programs. It would be nice to have a few default interval, tempo, etc. programs and the ability to program my own. Other than that, this is the best GPS app imo.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Compression Socks: A Runners Best Friend

Zensah Compression Socks
Several weeks ago, I purchased a pair of Zensah Compression Socks from a local running store. I had read about compression socks on several occasions - most recently in the article Feeling The Squeeze from the August 2010 issue of Runner's World Magazine. However, I didn't think much about using them because the socks can be pricey. The least expensive pair I found online were about $26 and the most expensive pair were about $80! When you compare the cost of the socks to the price of a good pair of shoes ($100), one would think the socks would be a little less expensive.

Ok, enough of my complaining.

I am thoroughly impressed with these socks. After every run, I wear the socks for hours and my legs/feet never feel any discomfort. I once wore them to bed but that's probably not something I'd do often because I hate anything covering my feet at night even in the winter. And as advertised, my legs feel much better the next day as if my entire leg has been massaged!

Zensah says their product is the only compression sock with arch support which allows your legs to last longer. They also claim their product has graduated compression that provides muscle support, increases circulation and reduces edema when traveling.

Simple put, Zensah's compression socks make my legs feel much better. In fact, I've been able to run longer and more often. I plan to buy at least one more pair soon!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Slow, Fat Burn Run

One thing I need to improve in my running is running too fast sometimes. Today I ran a lot slower than normal. Felt pretty good too! There was no rush, little traffic and no iPod music to distract me. I just ran by myself and enjoyed the cooler weather this morning.

I thought about taking Isis with me. But when I went to get her, she didn't even turn to look at me. I think that was a dog's way of saying, "I'm going back to bed, see ya!" I couldn't bring myself to disturb her. Maybe we'll go out tomorrow.

The GPS let me down after mile 4. I don't recall hitting the "stop" button. But, when I got within a mile of the house, I looked down and noticed the GPS was in pause mode. Oh well, a little mathematical interpolation helped me fill in the gaps.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The End of a Great Week

I finished a pretty good week with a 10 mile Long Run this morning. Hadn't run this 10 mile route in a while which made this run more of an adventure. I thought the sun would stay under the clouds for the entire route. But, when I got to the 5 mile route, the furnace found a hole in the clouds for about 10 minutes and then went back undercover for the remainder of the run (thank goodness!)

Prior to today's run, I logged 22 miles this week. I have not run more than 25 miles in a week for quite some time, so running 32 miles this week is a great milestone. Hopefully, I can get in a several more weeks of 25+ miles before the 2010 Lewis and Clark Half Marathon in October. I ran every day from Monday through Thursday which was a change from my original plan. This change worked better for me; I could use a break before a Saturday long run!

My numbers were not too bad considering the humidity was over 90% again. I kept a slow pace as planned. And, yes, I felt like I could have easily run another 3.1 miles to complete a half!.
Mile Splits: 9:50, 9:39, 9:27, 9:46, 9:24, 9:23, 9:32, 9:58, 9:34, 9:42
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Four in A Row

I completed my fourth run in four days with Isis this morning. I thought she might struggle with the 90+% humidity, but she kept up with me for most of the run. For a while she even bolted ahead of me without being provoked (that usually will happen only when she sees a squirrel, bird or rabbit!)

Yesterday, I purchased a pair of Zensah Compression Socks to speed up recovery after a run. I wore the socks most of the day yesterday and will wear them again today. So far I am a believer in compression socks. I read an article about compression socks in the August issue of Runners World and decided I could use a pair myself. The author did not review the socks I purchased, but I've read good things about Zensah online.

I have not run four days in a row for quite some time. Maybe I can make a habit out of this!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Word: H-U-M-D-I-T-Y!

I really do not like complaining about the heat. But the heat and humidity has been a challenge for me. When I left this morning for a Tempo Run, the thermometer was just over 75°F with an overcast sky and 92% humidity. I had to park it a few moments after miles 3, 4 and 5 to cool down. Even with the heat I managed to finish the six mile run in about 53.5 minutes.

I lost 4 pounds after this run. According to, I need to drink 16 ounces of water per hour for every pound I lost today. OK, I'll try to do that but I kinda don't want to run to the restroom too often. I also know I must take care of my body.

I'd like to run tomorrow if my legs are OK with 4 consecutive runs without a day off. Well, I guess I'll drink up.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Music-less Run

There's nothing like a long, 8-mile, run on a Saturday morning, especially after eating a plate of seafood ravioli at Olive Garden last night! For the second straight day I ran without listening to music. Not sure how long this will last but it seems help stay focussed on running and not think about how far I've gone or how many miles I have left. That'll work for me! I ran a route I hadn't seen in a while (through Apollo Park). Was gonna do 7 miles and convinced myself to stretch it out by a half mile or so. I felt a major accomplishment when my iPhone told me I'd run 8 miles instead of 7. Next week I'll plan a slightly longer Long Run.

Mile Splits: 9:18, 9:06, 8:46, 8:51, 9:06, 9:08, 9:16, 8:54
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