Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Compression Socks: A Runners Best Friend

Zensah Compression Socks
Several weeks ago, I purchased a pair of Zensah Compression Socks from a local running store. I had read about compression socks on several occasions - most recently in the article Feeling The Squeeze from the August 2010 issue of Runner's World Magazine. However, I didn't think much about using them because the socks can be pricey. The least expensive pair I found online were about $26 and the most expensive pair were about $80! When you compare the cost of the socks to the price of a good pair of shoes ($100), one would think the socks would be a little less expensive.

Ok, enough of my complaining.

I am thoroughly impressed with these socks. After every run, I wear the socks for hours and my legs/feet never feel any discomfort. I once wore them to bed but that's probably not something I'd do often because I hate anything covering my feet at night even in the winter. And as advertised, my legs feel much better the next day as if my entire leg has been massaged!

Zensah says their product is the only compression sock with arch support which allows your legs to last longer. They also claim their product has graduated compression that provides muscle support, increases circulation and reduces edema when traveling.

Simple put, Zensah's compression socks make my legs feel much better. In fact, I've been able to run longer and more often. I plan to buy at least one more pair soon!

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