Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When same and steady doesn't cut it

Interval training is a great way to raise your metabolism. Read on!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back on The Block

It was week 4, day 3 of my training when I took Isis outdoors to do a Pace Run as usual. Not more than a half mile into the run I started to feel discomfort in my right ankle. My Achilles was aching really bad and as much as I wanted to keep going I knew that things could get a lot worse if I didn't stop.  I had no choice but to shut down the machine and limp back home.  I surfed the internet and researched the Achilles to learn what I should do to help it heal. And, man did I learn a lot.

That was two weeks ago. This runner couldn't wait to get back outside and hit the road as I've done the past two days. The Achilles is not quite 100%, but it's close enough for me to run.  I'm still icing it twice a day and it doesn't ache before or after I run. And, no, I don't limp anymore!

I'd love to use my treadmill a few days a week to help cushion my runs.  Unfortunately, my basement flooded two-and-a-half weeks ago, so I no longer have the use of my treadmill. The basement has been gutted and contractors have begun the repairs. I'm praying the work will be done before Thanksgiving and I'll be able to run inside on a softer surface.  And, perhaps I'll be running on a new treadmill too!

I'm back on the block and enjoying my runs again...

Yesterday I completed a 4 mile Easy Run and today I finished a 6 mile Tempo Run. When I re-started my training, I decided to skip to week 6 of my 12 week. I could started where I left off at week 4, but I'd like to finish this training before Christmas. The goal is to start a marathon training program in January 2010!

About a week ago I did 310 consecutive squats and thus completed the Two Hundred Squat Challenge. This is a great program for runners or anyone who wants to build up leg strength. Now I've restarted the challenge at week 3 and will continue until week 5 or 6.
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