Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's good to be back...running again!

Natalie Cole said it perfectly in her 1991 hit song: "Baby, it's good to be back, so good, so good to be back, real good". I've come back to running after taking off some weeks to get through a tough P90X training program. I've also used the time to heal my Achilles which has bothered me periodically since my last half marathon in September. I still have a few weeks left in my first round of P90X, so these next few runs will be a challenge. Running AND doing P90X requires a lot of protein drinks! More on that when I'm done with the program.

This week has been a challenging running week. I just completed twenty miles - all on the treadmill. I'd planned to do a few more miles this week and my body let me know that just wasn't going to happen now. My "Will" to run is too strong to keep me sidelined. Next Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, I'll run again. And, I plan to gradually get those miles up while I lower my time time prior to running in the IL Marathon in May.
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