Thursday, November 4, 2010

Runmeter 4.0 for iPhone

I've used a number of GPS apps for the iPhone including MapMy***, RunKeeper, Nike+, 321Run and miCoach. Runmeter 4.0 has the best set of features, it doesn't lose its signal often and it's not difficult to use. I really like that the data is stored on the phone so I don't have to go online to see how I've performed in the past. Because I can save routes, the app allows me to pace myself real-time. I used this feature quite a bit when I trained for my last half marathon and I was able to improve my half PR by 6 minutes. One feature I truly appreciate is the Stop Detection feature which automatically stops the timer when I stop running at a busy intersection (I live in a high-traffic area!)

The one missing feature is training programs. It would be nice to have a few default interval, tempo, etc. programs and the ability to program my own. Other than that, this is the best GPS app imo.

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