Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yasso Run on The Treadmill

One thing about Yasso 800's is that they are fun BEFORE and AFTER you begin. However, they leave a lot to be desired while I am doing them. Pushing the body to higher limits is a challenge. I have to be very distracted to complete interval runs on the treadmill, so today I watched an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise while I ran.

The first 3600 meters (3 Yasso's) were cool; I knew I could finish without a hitch. By the time I started the fourth Yasso, things were a little different. After the fourth Yasso, my heart rate went down from the mid-160s to the low 150s although it took a while. After mistakenly pressing the "cool-down" button, I had to stop to reset the treadmill for the final 2.13 miles. This was just the break I needed to finish the run. And now that I'm done with the Yasso, I feel like a million dollars. Of course I won't feel that way after I start the next Yasso!

Summary: .75 mi warm-up/cool-down; 6x(800m @ 7:53 w/400m jog).
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