Monday, August 3, 2009

The Beginning of A Challenging Week

Another busy weekend that was way too short is now history. The good news is I got in my long run. The bad news is I had to move the long run from Saturday to Sunday which means I'll do over thirty mile Sunday through Saturday. Well, I'm up for the challenge!

Sunday's Long Run
It was a late night Saturday with the neighbors (who would give up the opportunity to hang with adults when your kids are gone for the week!) Even with 6.5 hours of sleep, I was enthused to hit the road on a cool Sunday morning for my Long Run. My goal was to do 8 miles. About a mile into the run, I to change the route so I could see different scenery.

Well, the view was great and the run was going great too until I got the 7 mile mark and realized I had to be more than a mile from home. About 10 minutes later would discover that I was not 1, but 2 miles from home. No big deal. It wasn't hot and didn't have any strong biological urges. I finished the run strong with a 9:08 minute/mile pace.

Monday's Easy Run
Of course I'm thing that I'll not feel ready to do an Easy Run Monday morning. I slept in an extra thirty minutes to ensure I'd gotten enough rest. No soreness or stiffness meant I'd be able to finish my 15th mile in two days with no issues. After a slow 3 laps around the cove to allow Isis ample opportunity to potty, I was ready to run 2 miles out and 2 miles back. This was a thinking run. I thought about my vacation, outstanding to do's, household chores, and a little bit of work work. By the time I ran out of things to think about, I was almost home!

Last week @WillRunzForFun ran 15 miles and biked 3.4 miles in 2:25:50 while at a 9:08 minute/mile pace per run. I burned nearly 2100 Kcal too!

Total Time Avg Time Max BPM Avg BPM Avg BMI Dist. (miles) Avg Dist. (miles)
2:25:50 0:36:28 166.7 142.0 25.0 18.4

Total Kcal Burned Avg Kcal Burned Max Pace Avg Pace Max Speed (mph) Avg Speed (mph) Total Workouts
2091.2 522.8 6:30

Week 32 Runs
This is the second full week of training for the Calumet City Half Marathon. I'm starting to really enjoy these slower runs. This will be a heck of challenge week (33 total miles):

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
REST Easy REST Tempo Easy REST Long
5.0 - 5.0 5.0 - 9.0

Tuesday and Friday will be running rest days. Isis will accompany me on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Monthly Goals
I finished July with 94.2 miles and I've run 14 miles this month. I "Will" make it to 100 miles in the month of August.
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