Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank Goodness for Treadmills

Today's mission for @WillRunzForFun: complete a Fartlek Run.

As I rolled out of bed  at 5:30am today, I could hear the thunder and rain pounding the house. It wasn't a down-pour although it was enough for me to fire up the Bowflex 5-Series treadmill.  As I've said many times, I really do love my treadmill because it gives me the option to run when the weather's bad or when I am short on time.  Since I've run on the Bowflex twice in the last two months, I'm not well-acclimated with treadmill running which requires one to run straight at a constant speed. 

I felt like hearing football news, so I watched the NFL Total Access while I ran.  I began at my 5k pace and turned up the speed by .8 mph at the 3 commercial breaks during my run.  At about the two mile mark, I reduced the speed to my 5k pace until I reached the goal of 3 miles.  This wasn't a very colorful run, but at least I got to run thanks to my treadmill. 

Now I'm ready for Saturday's 8 mile Long Run...
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