Sunday, June 28, 2009

A New Personal Record

Saturday morning was a big challenge for me. My fast pitch softball team, The Tinley Park Bobcats, had an 8am tournament game which meant I had to be out the door no later than 5am! Getting out of bed that early after last week's heat was also going to be difficult. Because of the heat and my time restriction, I decided to leave Isis at home. She would get enough exercise later in the day at my son's baseball games.

Since the dog was not with me, I listened to The Jackson 5 / The Jacksons / Michael Jackson. I flew down the street running my first mile at a 7:27 minute/mile pace. Knowing I had to be running fast, I decided to see if I could keep at least an 8 minute/mile pace for the remainder of the run. At mile 2, I felt very comfortable running at about 7:35-7:50 minutes/mile. When I reached mile 4, I was still running well below 8 minutes/mile, so I decided to just keep it up. I also added 2 miles to the run and dedicated the last 9 miles (3 miles each) to the lives of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. At miles 6 and 8, I had more spring in my legs than expected. When I got to the last mile, I pushed even harder to bring my pace down from about 7:50 minutes/mile to 7:30 minutes per mile.

The net result was a personal record. I ran my fastest Long Run ever. I also ran my fastest run ever at 7:48 minutes/mile. Not to mention, I felt like I could have gone another mile or two or three...

Last week @WillRunzForFun ran 25 miles in 3:23:32. I averaged 6.3 miles per run and held an 8:12 minute/mile average pace for the week. That allowed me to burn almost 3300 Kcal (that's almost 1lb):

Total Time Avg Time Max BPM Avg BPM Avg BMI Dist. (miles) Avg Dist. (miles)
3:23:32 0:50:53 171.8 155.5 24.9 25.0 6.3

Total Kcal Burned Avg Kcal Burned Max Pace Avg Pace Max Speed (mph) Avg Speed (mph) Total Workouts
3269.4 817.3 7:06 8:12 8.5 7.3 4.0

Week 27 Runs
This is "Hump Week" - the week that starts the second half of the year. I've averaged more than 20 miles, almost 2800 Kcals, and run for more than 3 hours per week. What a great start to the year! I started the week with an easy run but will finish strong once again:
  1. Monday - Easy Run / 4 miles
  2. Wednesday - Maintenance Run / 6 miles
  3. Thursday - Fartlek Run / 5 miles
  4. Saturday - Long Run / 10 miles
Tuesday and Friday will be running rest days. This is a short work week (off on Friday) with the 4th of July falling on a Saturday. I haven't decided if I'll run in the Homewood 5K this weekend.

Monthly Goals
This month I finished with 98.2 miles - not quite 100 as planned. June was a short month, however. If I go back 30 days, I would have run 104 miles. That being said, I'm not disappointed.
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Gina Harris said...

Excellent run! It's great to set a P.R.

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