Friday, June 5, 2009

Mental Health: One Reason Why I Run

I recently saw an article in The Globe and Mail about a gentleman who runs to maintain good mental health. When I started running, I noticed the improvement in my mental health too. Hence, @WillRunzForFun hasn't stopped running. I'm hooked on feeling good before AND after each run. It really helps me get through the day, especially when I run before I go to work!

The endorphins are kicking in after today's 5-mile Tempo Run to Millennium Park in Homewood. I started at my 10k pace (8:30 minutes per mile) and stepped it up to my 5k pace (8:00 minutes per mile) about half way through the run. It was another cool day in the 40's at the start of the run which went well. I was a little concerned that Isis didn't want to participate. She was very sluggish at the start. After a quick bio-break, she was good to go! Gotta get better at understanding Isis' body language.

I'm ready for Saturday's 7.5 mile run...
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