Thursday, June 4, 2009

National Running Day!

In honor of National Running Day and the month of June (my favorite month), I ran 6 miles today. Usually a mid-week run is an Easy Run for @WillRunzForFun. But, a few days ago someone reminded me of that June 3 was National Running Day so I decided to a run that would be a little more meaningful to me. I had to drive more than an hour to work today and I knew any run longer than 3 miles would be a schedule challenge. Finishing a 6-mile target run this morning required me to get out of bed no later than 4:30am if I was to make my 8am conference call!

To my surprise, I didn't even need the alarm. By 4am I was wide awake. I tried to go back to sleep and nothing happened. After a half hour of playing the "sleep game", I decided to get dressed for the run. I also wasn't sure Isis was ready to run that early. We went outside for a bio-break and after 10 minutes or so, Isis sat down near the garage (that's doggy language for "I'm ready to run now, dude!")

It was a little colder (about 50°F) than it had been the previous week or two. I almost wanted to put on another layer before the run. Then I thought about the IL Half Marathon and how I ran in 30°F+ weather and I figured this morning's run wouldn't be so bad. Since it was a Long Run, I had the time to think through a ton of ideas on the table including a running/walking fitness ministry I want to start at my church.

On Friday I'll do a 4-5 mile run and then finish the week Saturday with a 7.5 mile run...

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unrefinedathlete said...

Hi Will. Love the blog and the image at the top as your banner is beautiful. Looking forward to keeping up. I'm on twitter @unrefinedathlete good luck with Isis and your other running goals! Dog can be the best running partners.

Will Daniels said...

Thanks @unrefinedathlete. I'm having lots of fun too!

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