Monday, June 8, 2009

An Adventure in The Drizzle

When I got out of bed this morning, I immediately checked outside to see if what raining. I don't mind a light drizzle; running in a down pour is out of the question for a few reasons. First of all, running is uncomfortable to me when I'm drenched, even if I'm wearing clothing that's made from wicking material. Secondly, crossing major streets is a hazard when it's dry outside. Additional driving impediments, such as rain, put me and other runners at a much greater risk of being injuried.

The good news is that the weather held to a light drizzle. After a few minutes of deliberation (treadmill or outside drizzle), @WillRunzForFun just strapped the dog to his side and hit the road. Running on the treadmill didn't seem like a good idea this morning! BTW, has a good article that provides tips for running in the rain.

Isis and I did a 5 mile Tempo Run with the usual 2+ bio stops. About a mile from home, a black lab ran towards us barking as it were going to attack. I originally thought the dog was going to stop at the edge of her yard as most dogs this neighborhood are on wireless fences. When the lab got to the sidewalk I knew my assumption was way wrong - she wouldn't bes topping at the sidewalk! I recalled what I teach my kids to do when a dog runs their way: "Just stop and make yourself look intimidating." It seems silly to stop and let a dog run up on you; however, it worked for me. I didn't have to scream, spread my arms wide, or anything. As soon as I stopped, I just made sure Isis was between me and the other dog. A few seconds later, the lab's owner ran out the front door extremely apologetic. I told her everything was cool and kept going.

I'm ready for Wednesday's 6 mile run...
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