Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Wet Birthday Run!

In 2008 I did a 3.2 mile walk on my birthday and thought I was doing pretty good.  A year later, @WillRunzForFun and Isis finished a 6 mile Maintenance Run on my birthday this morning (Jeff Galloway's article "Extend Yourself" describes a Maintenance Run).  The run almost didn't happen because, just like yesterday morning, it was a little wet outside.  And after I strapped up my Mizuno Wave Inspire 5's and let the dog do her thing in the yard this morning, I noticed the battery on my footpod was dead. That would have been a disaster had I started the run and discovered mileage wasn't being tracked (it's happened before!).

We took it easy but still made good time again (PACE MAX/AVG=6:50/8:29 min/mi; HR MAX/AVG=165/151). For some unknown reason, Isis wanted to do a lot of sniffing in the woods about 3/4 mile into the run.  A 10 minute doggie pitstop would normally be ok except that the mosquitos were in full force and I just couldn't handle all the swatting and the annoying bites.  Thank God my dog knows when to just "let go" when I'm frustrated.

I saw a few runners who were making good time.  I also saw a few people who were sitting on the benches at Millenium Park for about 15 minutes or so - not sure what they were doing.  My guess is they were going to run or walk later.  But, I passed them at the 2.5 mile mark, doubled back through the park as usual at the 3.5 mile mark, and noticed they were still sitting there staring at each other. Maybe they didn't have any motivation to walk or run? 

I'm ready for Thursday's 5 mile Fartlek Run...
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