Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 Miles of Fun

I returned from my visit to the St. Louis area at 10:30pm last night, got in bed at 11:30pm and awoke at 5:15am to start my day. Isis was a little out of it this morning, so I took her for a 30 minute walk and decided to run later this afternoon. Well, after temps reached near 80°F, it was time to turn off the LCD TV and hit the trail!

View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.comToday's run was 5 miles of fun.  I headed east out of my subdivision and then south towards my church.  When I reached 8th Avenue, I headed west hoping this would indeed be a 5 mile run.  The watch told me I was at the 2.5 mile mark half way through the run at Western, so I was reasonably comfortable I'd hit my goal.  As I headed north on Western Avenue, I was mildly concerned about the traffic (at least one person had been killed walking or running at an intersection I'd pass.)  Consequently, my path changed from the shoulder to the lumpy, grass a few feet off the street.

At the 3 mile mark, I headed east through the neighboring subdivision.  I knew there was about 2 miles left to my doorstep.  My pace and heart rate were pretty good, so I just cruised home.

That was my fun for the day!


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