Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Wall Is High And Wide

Before leaving the house today, I planned to run to the Forest Preserve up the road; go around the Peserve once or twice; and then head home. I knew the round trip would be 16 miles - 2.5 miles longer than the goal set by @WillRunzForFun. I was determined to make it home even if I passed out.

The outbound trip and the first 1.5 laps around the Preserve went extremely well for me. But after leaving the Preserve, my legs began to feel like lead. With only four miles to go and at a 9:08 min/mile pace, I felt compelled to continue since I knew I'd be home in less than 45 minutes. Then about 2 miles from home, my legs wouldn't go any further. I started to feel a little light headed, hunger set in, and I realized I had to stop. I had hit my wall and boy was it high and wide! Maybe I'll get past that 14 mile mark another day!

I ran more than 30 miles and had a good week. My Tempo Run was 7 miles which was longer than planned. I also increased my Progression Run from 4 to 5 miles.

Next Week's Runs
Considering I ran a 9 min/mile pace for 14 miles, it's safe to say that my half-marathon pace can increase from 10 min/mile to 9.5 or 9 min/mile. Here's next week's schedule:
  1. Sunday - Easy Run / 3 miles
  2. Monday - Hill Climb / 4 miles
  3. Wednesday- Speed Work / 5 miles
  4. Thursday - Progression Run / 4 miles
  5. Saturday - Long Run / 12 miles
Tuesday and Friday will be rest days to give my body an early rest and prepare for a long run on Saturday.

Monthly Goal
I restarted the Run 100 Miles in 30 Days Challenge as of March 10. So far I'm at 26 miles with 26 days to go!
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