Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great Weather = Great Runs!

We've had great weather this week in Chicago which allowed @WillRunzForFun to get in several great outdoor runs.  Monday and Wednesday were outdoor easy runs for the most part.  I chose to do the Tuesday Hill Climb and Thursday's Progression Run on the Treadmilll - both runs went well.  In fact, I ran my fastest Progression Run ever.  As a result, I'm targeting a 9:15 minute/mile or better pace for the IL Marathon on 4/11/09.

On Saturday I decided to pay a visit to the Tinley Park Forest Preserve again.  I took the advice of a close friend and ran a shorter run than originally planned.  Next Saturday I'll shoot for a half-marathon run or better, weather permitting.

Next Week's Runs
Half-marathon pace is officially 9:15 min/mile after today's run.  Here's next week's schedule:
  1. Sunday - Easy Run / 3 miles
  2. Monday - Hill Climb / 4 miles
  3. Wednesday- Speed Work / 5 miles
  4. Thursday - Progression Run / 4 miles
  5. Saturday - Long Run / 13.5 miles
Tuesday and Friday will be rest days to give my body an early rest and prepare for a long run on Saturday.

Monthly Goal
With 20 days to go, I've logged 50.3 miles into the Run 100 Miles in 30 Days Challenge.  Running has never felt better for me, especially I started running outdoors.  I'm really looking forward to the IL (Half) Marathon on 4/11/09.  I'll probably do one or two more half-marathon practice runs before the race!
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