Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Just Went Faster and Faster

This afternoon I completed a 5-mile progression run where I start at a slow pace and gradually increase to a fast pace. The first 15 minutes were run at my half-marathon pace followed by 15 minutes each at my 10k and 5k paces. This is the longest progression run I've accomplished. Previously, I was able to do 4 miles. I wonder if watching the Science Channel helped me get through the run?

I've noticed that I might need to increase my half-marathon pace (10 min/mile) just a little. Since I plan to run my first half this Spring, I'm a little concerned about making a big increase just now. I'll do a few easy runs to see if an increase is necessary.

On Saturday I plan to run a "trial" half-marathon (13.5 miles) somewhere in the neighborhood provided we have decent weather. The current prediction is that we'll see a high of 48ºF which will work well for me. I'll just have to wear gloves!
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Jayson said...

Congrats! I love when I find out I'm faster than I realized. It makes all those sluggish feeling days worth it.

Will Daniels said...

Jayson--I agree completely. It's a great motivator!

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