Monday, February 15, 2010

Could it be?

Last week was pretty good - 22 miles total: an Easy Run, an Interval Run, a Progression Run and an 8 mile Long Run. This week has started well too. I cranked up the pace on the belt (treadmill) even though it was an Easy Run and ran for 5 miles: 4.5 miles @ 9:30 min/mi; the final 800m @ 8:06 min/mi. I'll be ready for a half-marathon this Spring; definitely will be ready for a full marathon this year.

After hitting the belt, I walked the dog as usual. Since the weather's been terribly cold here lately, I do not even think about warmer weather. Just before we hit Isis' favorite pee-pee spot, I heard that familiar sound of Spring: several very happy birds singing like it was 70°F outside! I'm thinking, "These birds are confused. Spring can not be around the corner. Can it? Man, it's February in Chi-Town." Then again, maybe Spring is near. That's a good thought. A rise in temps could mean outdoor runs...smooth!

Look out...I might come running through somebody's neighborhood soon. Don't forget to wave at a brother!
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