Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sleep Magnet

Today's mission for @WillRunzForFun: complete a Fartlek Run.

Getting out of bed in the morning has been a major, major chore for the past few weeks. This morning was no exception. Even though I ate well yesterday and rested for an hour before going to bed at a good hour (10pm), the bed was a magnet when the alarm went off. The thought of not running today was enough motivation for me to jump out of bed again. I feel much better now that the run is over. I wonder how many times I can use that trick to jump start my body in the morning?

I started the run way too fast and most certainly offended Isis. She didn't want to run today and I didn't want to walk her a 2/3 mile back home when she outright refused to go any further. I compromised by allowing her some extended "i-Time" in the woods. I let her sniff around for a few minutes while I defended myself from the mosquitoes (yes, I was wearing OFF! and yes-squared, it was ineffective for the most part). Thank God I have the dog on heart guard medicine or else this could be an ugly, unhealthy summer for her.

The Farltlek Run went well. We did about 8 strides (speed bursts) for 20 seconds or so at ~7 minutes/mile. It's a scaring feeling when you slow down to 8:00-8:30 minutes/mile and feel relieved (I still think of 8:00 minutes/mile is a very fast pace even though it is easier for me).

I signed up for the Run for Freedom 5K in Homewood this Saturday. Normally I would do a long run on a Saturday, but I really need to get in some races if I plan to do a half-marathon this Fall...
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