Thursday, June 25, 2009

Staying Hydrated in The Heat

The more I run, the more I learn about running under various conditions, picking the right gear, choosing the best foods, and keeping my body hydrated. recently posted the article Natural Solution that discusses the best drinks to take when its hot outside. I had heard of the benefits from a few drinks mentioned such as Iced Green Tea, Cherry Juice, and PowerAde ION although I would not have guessed some of the drinks would be on this list. I'm ready to try the Iced Grean Tea and a few others. Read the article and enjoy!

Today we finished a 4-mile Fartlek Run with a 8:07 minute/mile pace. It was hot again, so I needed to stay as cool as possible (wish I'd had some of the Green Tea too!) At I hit the 2-mile mark, my legs felt heavy and my chest was burning a bit. I wonered why and then I rememberd that I forgot to drink my PowerAde before I left the house! It was a mistake although it didn't cost me too much. I just had a strong desire to finish the run.

Prior to the 3-mile mark, a guy runs across the street and tells me to be careful because he'd just seen TWO coyotes run from behind his house to the other side of the street. He also said the coyotes were bigger than Isis. I was concerned about the coyotes and decided the last mile would not be a slow, cool-down would be 2 really fast Fartlek intervals!

The weather forecast calls for rain on Saturday, so I may do the Long Run on Friday if I can get some rest today.
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