Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keeping Pace with A Full Schedule

Yesterday's run was a major, major challenge. When I got out of bed it was dark, cloudy and a light rain was already in place. I thought my biggest challenge would be fighting with the dog in the rain since Isis is not a fan of water (not sure if she's got some feline in her). The other challenge was a mental issue for me: I was in the middle of coaching my daughter's softball team in a tournament and I knew we would play two more games later in the day.

Once again I told myself the run had to be completed and the dog and my legs complied. The rain got heavier about 3 miles from the start as we pressed on keeping a good average pace at 8:23 minutes/mile. A half mile later, Isis forced a bio break which was actually well-timed because we were near a school in a low-traffic area under trees which kept us both dry. As I passed Coyote Run golf course, I saw my youngest son's baseball coach. I was surprised that he saw me and waved from his cart since golfers I pass are usually focused on their game and nothing else.

The back half of the run was a breeze - seemed like we ran downhill most of the way. With 2 miles to go, I felt as strong as I did in the first 2 miles. I considered upping the run to 9 or 10 miles when reality set in and I realized I would be out in the sun for hours coaching.

Btw, the softball team did well this weekend. We went 4 and 3 and came within a play of being a top seed going into the championship round. We also came within a play of going to the semifinals. Go Bobcats!

Last week @WillRunzForFun was challenged to fit in a bike ride although I met my goal to run at least 20 miles. I averaged almost 6 miles per run and held an 8:21 minute/mile average pace for the week:

Total Time Avg Time Max BPM Avg BPM Avg BMI Total Dist. (miles) Avg Dist. (miles)

3:13:21 0:48:20 167.8 154.8 24.9 23.1 5.8

Total Kcal Burned Avg Kcal Burned Max Pace Avg Pace Max Speed (mph) Avg Speed (mph) Total Workouts

3044.1 761.0 7:07 8:21 8.4 7.2 4.0

Next Week's Runs
Next week's schedule looks like this:
  1. Monday - Interval Run / 5 miles
  2. Wednesday - Maintenance Run / 6 miles
  3. Thursday - Fartlek Run / 5 miles
  4. Saturday - Long Run / 8 miles
Tuesday and Friday will be running rest days. With this weekend's barbecue and another softball tournament in Naperville, I will be challenged to get in a bike ride - even a ride to work.

Monthly Goals
I've run more than 47 miles through the first half of the month. I'll continue to work in bike rides once or twice a week to help strengthen my legs.
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