Monday, April 20, 2009

First Run with Isis

Today, Isis and I had our first run together: 3 miles in 27 minutes with an average HR of 141 BPM. That was pretty good considering we had to make a poop stop and a potty stop. We've been practicing runs in the backyard for the past few days. And, I've taken her on several mile-long walks since we adopted from the South Suburban Humane Society on 4/11/09. Isis is an American Pit Bull Terrier or possibly an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Both the APBT and ASBT are descendants of the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Most people can't tell the difference between an ABPT and an ASBT. Since Isis was adopted, I have no idea what her true breed is. They only way to know for certain is through DNA testing.

Isis runs well on a leash although she needs a little work. She tends to be distracted by other dogs, smells, birds, etc. However, I expected a lot of distractions at this stage of our brief relationship. I'm pleased that she trotted along with me today, even though both of us could have gone a little faster. I'll keep working with her until we are able to run optimally.


Mark M. said...

Very cool.

Will Daniels said...

Thanks Mark. I've got a lot more runs planned with her!

Mark M. said...

You post inspired me to finally get my dogs out. They each got one lap around the neighborhood today (1.15 mi) around 9:30-10:00/mi. The pup was ready for way more. Momma Martini was just about done after one. I'll get them out again for sure.

Thanks for the motivation. And my dogs thank you, too.

Will Daniels said...

Glad we could be an inspiration, O. I wanted a dog who could run with neon short-medium runs (3-8 miles) and Isis has been perfect. Pls keep me updated on your dogs too!

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