Saturday, February 28, 2009

Long Run...Lungs Burn!

Week in Review
I just finished my fifth run this week: a 12 mile long run - my longest on the treadmill...longest run ever! To keep me motivated, I watched The Matrix Revolutions from beginning to end while I ran. During the action scenes, I was "pumped" and wanted to run faster. When the pace slowed, I found myself struggling to to keep going. Then there was my son who wanted me to stop so he could play his XBox (sorry dude, you had all day to do that!) Needless to say, my lungs got a great workout!

The other four runs this week were good too. The Tempo and Progression Runs were the greatest challenges until tonight's Long Run. I can feel my body getting more and more acclimated to longer runs. And, the Tempo/Progression Runs can probably be little longer.

Tomorrow, I will assist a friend with his search for a new treadmill. He's taken interested in running and needs a treadmill for cold weather days. Before I hit the sack, I need to do a little research before we hit the stores.

Next Week's Runs
I'm averaging more than 20 miles per week this year. Next week I will take it easy just a bit. I've had 3 straight weeks of long runs. Here's the plan:
  1. Sunday - Easy Run / 3 miles
  2. Monday - Hill Climb / 4 miles
  3. Tuesday - Speed Work / 5 miles
  4. Thursday - Progression Run / 4 miles
  5. Saturday - Long Run / 7 miles
The Wednesday and Friday rests are also making a huge difference when I do my Long Runs on Saturday

Monthly Goal
With 8 days left in the Run 100 Miles in 30 Days Challenge, I've run 78.72 miles. I should easily meet this goal if I run 23 miles as planned.


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