Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here Comes A Challenge Week

Even though I made good strides, I ran fewer miles and declared last week a rest week for @WillRunzForFun. Thursday's run was rescheduled to Friday which meant that I would have at least have four, if not five, consecutive runs through Tuesday. As a result, Saturday I ran only 5 miles and finished the week with more than 22 miles.

Again, the Hill Climb, Speed Work and Progression Run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are really helping me extend my endurance. Provided I don't eat too much or eat something bad, I can run a lot longer distances these days.

Next Week's Runs
I have a new goal to average more than 20 miles per week until June when I'll reevaluate and, perhaps, step up the weekly mileage a notch or two. Next week I'll move my rest days just a bit and increase the mileage just a little:
  1. Sunday - Easy Run / 3 miles
  2. Monday - Hill Climb / 4 miles
  3. Wednesday- Tempo Run / 5 miles
  4. Thursday - Progression Run / 4 miles
  5. Saturday - Long Run / 13.5 miles
Tuesday and Friday will be rest days to give my body an early rest and prepare for a long run on Saturday.

Monthly Goal
I completed the Run 100 Miles in 30 Days Challenge with room to spare and will sign up to do another 100 mile challenge in 30 days.


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